Choosing the Best Desk Lamp For Your Eyes

Choosing the Best Desk Lamp For Your Eyes

When it comes to choosing the best desk lamps for your eyes, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. Perhaps the most important factor to take into consideration.

However, is the dimmability functionality of the lamp you are purchasing. Indeed, if you are unable to adjust the brightness setting of a lamp, you are unlikely to get any relief from eye strain.


Another property of a lamp that you should take into consideration, if your overall goal is to reduce eye strain, is the flexibility of the lamp’s neck.

The reality is that if you can’t adjust the lamp’s neck, and thus control the direction of light rays, you are never going to be able to control glare. The truth is that a large percentage of eye strain is caused by glare from inappropriate light sources.

If you plan to use your lamp to complete computer work late at night when there is no natural light source, and your computer has a glossy screen, it would be incredibly foolish to purchase a desk lamp that does not has a flexible neck.

Of course, reducing eye strain from a lamp comes down to more than just the brightness of the light and the direction of the light rays. Indeed, the wavelength of any light emitted, no matter how bright it is, is another key factor in reducing eye strain.

Ideally you should look for lamp that filters out blue light rays. This is because several studies have shown that exposure to artificial blue light rays has a huge impact on human sleep patterns, as well as eye function.

After all, sleep deprivation can impact every corner of the human body, including the eyes.


If you are purchasing a desk lamp online, it is important that you make sure that it is adhering to all of the health regulations in your own country.

Unfortunately, in order to earn a quick buck, many international sellers are flooding the domestic market with lamps that pose a hazard to human health, especially eye health.

In general, as long as you stay away from mercury bulbs and lamps designed for reptile tanks, you should be okay, but keep in mind that many lamps are marketed under false pretenses.

While the amount of energy that a light bulb uses does not directly have an impact on the level of eye strain that the lamp causes, it is still an important factor that you should take into consideration.

Did you know, for instance, that some lamps can cost more to run each year than they cost to buy? Indeed, the energy requirements of some lamps are so great that if they were to be used on a regular basis for a year, the energy bill would exceed the initial purchase price.


Hopefully this article has provided you with some valuable insights when it comes to purchasing your next best desk lamps for your eyes. Remember, eye strain is more than a simple inconvenience and nobody should have to suffer from it, so make sure you choose your next desk lamp carefully.


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