Led Corn Cob Bulb

Led Corn Cob Bulb

Led Corn Cob Bulb are great alternative in order to save energy and reduce the cost. These are the best options in the market. These lamps can replace the metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps.

It can lower the utility cost and save energy as well. This LED lamp has longer lifespan than any kinds of traditional lamps. So, you can also save money on the maintenance and replacement charge.

These LED lamps are available in different colour temperatures from too warm white light to the near daylight white light. led corn cob bulb are ideal options for today’s house.

These lamps are very popular nowadays. Everyone wants to install this kind of light in their houses. These lights do not produce any pollution. The waste of this lamp can be recycled and used later.

This lamp can run 10 times longer than the usual traditional lamps. You can also select various colours and higher brightness. There are so many features of these lights. There are various upgraded versions as well.

1.55W LED Corn Light Bulb By Auzilar

led corn cob bulb

This is a high power LED bulb. This bulb generally uses in outdoor lighting projects, warehouse and street lighting projects as well. This bulb is also very good for the bedroom, kitchen, garage, driveway, courtyard, garden supermarket, station, hotel, hospital, shopping mall and office.

This bulb is made with advanced technology. This is a very reliable lamp. You can use this lamp in your courtyard or garage. You can use this at other places as well.

What I like?

I recommend this product to others. Generally, this bulb is big and bright. It actually saves my 90% of energy as compared to other conventional CFL, incandescent and street lamps. I like this bulb for its eco-friendly feature.

This bulb also gives me bright light. I have used this bulb in my garage. I did not need to install any other lamp there.

The light of this particular lamp is very bright and clear. This bulb has energy saving capacity. We all want this facility. This bulb does not flash. So, it is good for eyes as well.

What I do not like?

Though these led corn cob bulb can provide the bright light but there are some flaws of it. You will have to keep this bulb away from the direct sunlight just because of its too high temperature.

The design of the bulb is too much intricate that it only fits into a shallow light fixture.


Energy efficientBright lightCost savingLong lifespanEye protection


Away from direct sunlightShallow light fixtureQuality below expectation

2.200W LED Corn Light Bulb By Dephen

corn cob led light bulbs

This lamp is mainly used in the commercial and industrial lighting purpose. These lamps are built in isolated power with surge protector. These bulbs are made with high and efficient technology.

These bulbs generally come with 50,000 hours of life. These lamps are specially used in shoebox, street lighting, indoor and outdoor area and parking area.

This lamp is made of flame-retardant ABS materials. High quality aviation aluminium is also there. The high class technology gives it a powerful and advanced look.

What I like?

I like the manufacturing quality of the lamp. This lamp can easily replace the fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. It can save up to 80% of energy. It lasts up to 3 times longer than the traditional bulbs.

It is a smart investment for me. It is also a sustainable lighting solution for my home. I have not spent too much for its maintenance and repairing. This lamp is too bright. It is very easy to install.

I have not faced any kinds of problem after installing this light in my home. This light is really very good. It can light up the area properly.

What I do not like?

Though it is a great light but it has some flaws. The brightness of this light is a little bit lower than the other one. So, I had to do a little compromising in this case.


Energy efficientLow maintenance costIndoor and outdoor lightingSmart solution5 years unlimited warranty


Not bright light compared to othersQuality below expectation

3.42 Watt LED Corn Bulb by DooVii

corn cob light bulbs

This corn cob light bulbs is one kind of advanced one. It is made with advanced and high quality technology. This bulb can light up instantly. It won’t take too much time in order to light up.

This light of the lamp is so soft and uniform. The light is so safe for our eyes as well. This lamp is great for outdoor lighting. This lamp is being used in the warehouse lighting project, street lighting project, hospital, hotel, shopping mall and station as well. The manufacture of this particular light is very much upgraded.

What I like?

I like the manufacturing of this lamp. This bulb reduces my electricity bill and save a lot of money. These bulbs are totally mercury free unlike fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are super bright and vibration resistant.

The light is cool white. The light is very much soothing for our eyes. I used this light in my office. This lamp is eco-friendly. Now my office is looking bright. I am happy with the service of this light. I have not changed this light since 1 year. It can light up the required area properly.

What I do not like?

Although this bulb has a very advanced and intricate design and technology but this bulb is not water proof. So, you will have to stay it away from water. The bulb may be damaged due to the contact with the water. This lamp is not rich up to the mark.


Super brightCost savingTurns on immediatelyEco-friendlyEasy installation


Not waterproof. Quality below expectation


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4.50 Watt LED Corn Lamp by DooVii

corn cob lamps

This lamp is very good for outdoor warehouse lighting purpose. This lamp can save your 90% energy bill. It has also a long lifespan. The light is very bright as well. It can also save the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

This lamp is made with high class technology and upgraded version. This bulb can be used in the street lighting projects, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools, offices, supermarkets, stations and workshops as well. The design is very much upgraded. The advanced technology provides you so many benefits.

What I like?

This lamp is very bright. They come with the hassle free installation. The light is very soothing for our eyes. The colour of the light is cool white. This light can turn on instantly.

It does not take so much time in order to turn on. I used this light in my backyard and garage. I did not need to replace my bulb after that. I have reduced the cost of the electricity bills.

I am enjoying the light in my backyard. I did not face any kinds of difficulties after installing this lamp in my garage as well. It can light up the needed area properly and accurately.

What I do not like?

Although it has super light quality and other features, but it does not rich up to the mark. There are many features that does not include in this lamp. This lamp is not rich up to the mark.


Save electricity billEco-friendly settingEye soothing lightUV and mercury-freeLong lifespan


Cost is highQuality below expectation

5.100 Watt LED Corn Bulb By RuggedGrade

100w corn cob led

This lamp is made with super design. This lamp is energy efficient. This lamp comes with 5 years of warranty. It has also the waterproof protection. This lamp is made with high quality aluminium design.

These led corn cob bulb are safety and ensuring better quality than other CFL lamps. This LED lamps are very much reliable. The plastic covers extend its lifespan.

What I like?

This bulb is very much easy to install. I have achieved big savings after installing it in my home. The better design of these bulbs can attract more to more people. This is an industrial lighting solution at affordable prices. The light is very much eye soothing. It is good for my eye health.

What I do not like?

There are many things that I do not like about this lamp. The heat dissipation of the lamp is a major problem. This lamp is not rich up to the mark.


Bright lightEasy installationBetter designCost effectiveQuality lightCertified lightFor indoor and outdoor 


Too much heat dissipationQuality below expectation


These lights are truly for the better environment protection. There is no ultra violet ray in this spectrum. This kind of light is eco-friendly. It can save you from the monotonous light of the traditional lamps.

This lamp is very much cost effective. These bulbs are absolutely safe at touch. These led corn cob bulb come with longer lifespan. There are various products like these available in the market.

This lamp comes with long life warranty. You do not need to change this kind of light frequently. You can also save your energy bills. These bulbs can provide a good amount of light according to our need.


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